Voters should choose their politicians.
Politicians shouldn’t choose their voters.


We can end partisan gerrymandering in North Carolina


When politicians draw voting districts to tip elections in their favor and circumvent the will of the people, voters are silenced.

Both political parties are engaging in partisan gerrymandering, or the act of drawing voting district lines for their own political advantage. By establishing a clear and nonpartisan process for drawing voting districts, we can restore integrity to our voting system, reduce polarization, and put the people of North Carolina first.




North Carolina’s broken redistricting system

Under our current system, North Carolina’s voting districts are drawn WITHOUT:



Historically, voting districts have been drawn behind closed doors with no explanation and inadequate opportunity for public input. We’d like to change that.



With the help of sophisticated software and political experts, advanced algorithms and partisan datasets are used to draw voting districts that give the party in power an advantage in elections.



The political party in power in the General Assembly during the redistricting year draws and approves the voting district maps, which can’t be vetoed by the governor.



There are currently very few guidelines that must be followed in the redistricting process—that is how we end up with convoluted voting districts that divide communities for political advantage.



By the numbers


Number of NC’s 13 congressional races that were competitive in 2016 (each candidate won by at least 10 points).


The percentage of North Carolina voters who say it’s not fair for politicians to draw their own voting districts.


The percentage of state voting districts that were uncontested or decided by a double-digit margin in 2016.


The number of times that (including the 2018 election cycle) North Carolinians have voted in congressional elections with maps deemed unconstitutional by the courts.




North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform (NC4RR) is a bipartisan, nonprofit advocating for the passage of a state constitutional amendment that outlines clear, nonpartisan standards for drawing congressional and state voting districts that hold elected officials accountable to the constituents they represent. Getting a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2020 is the best way to bring transparency to North Carolina’s redistricting process and restore voting power to the people of North Carolina.


Our constitutional amendment will require:

Transparent Methods

North Carolinians should be informed throughout the voting district-drawing process: the methodology and data used should be public so that everyone understands how and why the lines are drawn in a certain way. Voting districts are only redrawn once every 10 years so it’s important everyone understands how it’s done.

No Partisan Data

Voting districts should be drawn without the use of partisan data such as party affiliation, voting history, residence of the incumbent or any other data that could identify with reasonable certainty the voting tendencies of any group of citizens.

Sensibly Drawn Districts

Congressional and state legislative districts should be contiguous, compact and respect established county and geographic lines where possible – districts should represent communities as they see themselves.




Here’s how we’ll get there: 


In North Carolina, constitutional amendments require support from the General Assembly and the general voting public.


Introduction of the FAIr Act in the General Assembly


Approval by 60% of both chambers of the General Assembly of the fair act


Approval by a majority vote of North Carolinians in favor of the FAIR Act on the 2020 election ballot


Redistricting requires your voice

The FAIR Act requires your voice and generous support – by donating to our campaign and learning more about the redistricting process, you can be a driving force behind meaningful reform in North Carolina.

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