NC4RR’s mission

North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform (NC4RR) is a bipartisan nonprofit working to improve North Carolina’s representative democracy through redistricting reform.



NC4RR’s goal

NC4RR’s objective is to help pass a state constitutional amendment that outlines clear, nonpartisan standards for drawing congressional and state voting districts. 

By establishing clear nonpartisan guidelines, we can better hold elected officials accountable to the constituents they represent and restore integrity and confidence in the redistricting process.



NC4RR’s team

NC4RR is led by Executive Director Mary Wills Bode and a bipartisan Board of Directors consisting of 14 current and former North Carolina state legislators, state Supreme Court justices, business leaders and policy advocates.

Co-chaired by Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-117) and former UNC System President and current Volker Alliance President Tom Ross, NC4RR represents a united effort by Republicans, Democrats and Independents to act in the best interests of North Carolinians by enacting redistricting reform.

NC4RR has also earned the support of all the living North Carolina Governors and former Chief Justices, as well as a wide group of current and former legislators, municipal and county officials, and citizens.



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