North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform (NC4RR) is a bi-partisan, nonprofit advocating for the passage of a state Constitutional amendment that outlines clear, consistent, non-partisan standards for drawing Congressional and state voting districts. Getting a Constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2020 is the best way to bring transparency to North Carolina’s voting process and restore voting power to the people of North Carolina.


Our constitutional amendment will require:


No Partisan Data:

Excluding the use of partisan data such as party affiliation and voting history keeps the focus of districting on people – not politics.


Representative voting Districts:

Politicians shouldn’t have “safe” districts where they’re all but guaranteed re-election, regardless of their stance on key policies. with “competitive” in our message doc


Transparent Methods:

North Carolinians should be informed throughout the district-drawing process – methodology should be public and transparent so that everyone understands how and why the lines are drawn in a certain manner.


Sensibly Drawn Districts:

Districts should be contiguous, compact and respect established county and geographic lines to the extent possible.