NC4RR’s proposed constitutional amendment

By supporting the FAIR Act which establishes clear, nonpartisan redistricting guidelines, we can work to ensure all North Carolinians’ votes matter and elected officials remain accountable to their constituents. The FAIR Act will bring about the following changes to the current redistricting process:

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Transparent Methods

North Carolinians should be informed throughout the voting district-drawing process: methodology and data should be public so that everyone understands how and why the lines are drawn in a certain way. Voting districts are only redrawn once every 10 years so it’s important everyone understands how it’s done.

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NO Partisan Data

Voting districts should be drawn without the use of partisan data such as party affiliation, voting history, residence of the incumbent or any other data that could identify with reasonable certainty the voting tendencies of any group of citizens.

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Sensibly Drawn Districts

Congressional and state legislative districts should be contiguous, compact and respect established county and geographic lines where possible – districts should represent communities as they see themselves.



Roadmap to redistricting reform

NC4RR’s effort is strictly bipartisan and singularly focused on implementing redistricting reform through a constitutional amendment that establishes clear, nonpartisan redistricting guidelines. Bipartisan support is essential because in North Carolina getting a constitutional amendment on the ballot requires a vote of approval from 60% of both chambers in the General Assembly.


Bill Introduction & Legislative Vote 

The FAIR Act, a state constitutional amendment ballot measure, has been introduced in the North Carolina House of Representatives in the 2019 legislative session. Through the support of other legislators and the public, we aim to attain 60% or more votes in both chambers.

Ballot Measure 

Following approval from at least 60% of both chambers of the General Assembly, the FAIR Act will appear on the 2020 ballot for voters’ approval. NC4RR will continue its public education campaign to help the citizens of North Carolina understand the facts about redistricting in North Carolina and our proposed solution on the 2020 ballot. A majority vote by the citizens of North Carolina in favor of the ballot measure will amend the North Carolina State Constitution to include new redistricting guidelines.


One Pager

Here’s everything you need to know about the FAIR Act and what sets it apart from other redistricting reform legislation.


You can help NC4RR bring redistricting reform to North Carolina by making a donation or by assisting in our public education efforts. Email NC4RR Executive Director Mary Wills Bode at to learn more.